Dec 14
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Out of My Window

I look out of my window and first notice the blanket of snow. I live on a mountain with no neighbors within a mile of my house. I see the empty forest, only filled with leafless branches, pine needles and fresh snow. I could not imagine a better view. I can see some of the trails. They are covered in undisturbed snow. I am surprised to notice the deer have not made their way down the trails to eat at our frozen garden. As I look farther down the trail I see movement. I curiously get closer to my window, trying to figure out what it is. It gets closer and I realize it's not an it but a they. The two rabbits make their way closer to my window. I peer out from behind my curtain, afraid to scare them. They hop around seeming pleased with the fluffy snow. They are almost invisible at times as they are covered by snow. They then find harder snow that they seem to float on. I continue watching, intrigued as to what they may do next when they are startling and hop back into the woods. After they hop away they leave a story in the snow. Throughout the day more and more stories of animals and people will be left in the snow, soon to be covered by more snow and forever giving me new, interesting views to see out of my window.

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