Dec 19


I yell,
My face flushing from the cold seeping in through the open door
I do not see her paw prints in the snow
The wind howls covering any indistinctive meow that I might have heard
But she is not seen
I look around for my winter boots, no shoes are found.
I take a deep breath before rushing through the door.
Barefoot, in the snow
Only a thin sweater to keep warm.
I scan the yard
The sky is dark
But the snow casts a thin light
Without means
My feet start to burn from the cold
But She is still not found
I turn back to the door
And there she is
Pawing at the door
She looks at me
Her eyes seem filled with laughter
She heard my call she just wanted me out here
Her white tail almost blends in with the winter behind her
But she hurries inside with me beside her