Jan 08
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Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

You might as well 
Ask me
Why I think,
Why I blink,
Why I breathe.

I cannot force
A poem,
The words will simply
                  f                         o                         
                               l                           w    

                                       from somewhere deep within me,

erupting          whenever they choose,

                               exploding from every-day thoughts,

                through me: 
                my arms,
                my fingers,
                tingle with creative energy,

                                 as the keys  c l i c k
                                      or a pencil works it magic, gliding effortlessly across a sheet of paper—

So to answer your question, 

must write,

for if I kept all of these words inside, 

I would surely burst 

                                and become a million bubbles, a million thoughts soaring through space—
...yet that would never do, as two of the words floating up there must be shared at all costs: