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“You’re insane!”  Zane yelled from behind me.  

    “I know, isn’t it great?!”  I yelled back, a huge grin spread across my face.  “All I have to do is connect the wires and BOOM! We should be two weeks back in time in no time at all!”  I chuckled as I heard Zane groan, frustrated behind me for the fifth time today.

    “Lola! Just give it up!  There's no way in HELL that you are going to get this time machine to work!  It’s only been used as a teleportation device, and aunt Kate would literally kill you if she knew you were messing around with all this stuff.”  I ignored him and kept fidgeting with wires inside the back panel of the machine.  

    "There is a way, and I AM going to do it."  I narrowed my eyes at the many wires in my hands in concentration.  

    I should probably explain what’s going on.  My names Lola Turner, I’m 12 years old and want a career in advanced engineering.  My aunt Kate makes teleportation devices, and ports, and literal space ships and it’s so great! I want to be just like her.  Meanwhile my older brother Zane wants to be a journalist.  He’s 16, never leaves the house and hates everything I do.  

    A few months ago my aunt was trying to alter a transportation device into a machine that will let her go back in time.  But her project was abandoned two weeks ago when my father and older brother went missing.  They do space missions all the time, but usually only leave earth for three days at a time and come back.  But this time, we haven't heard any word from them since they left.  Our mother died after giving birth to our youngest sibling, Kaylee four years ago.  So aunt Kate's been occupied with taking care of us, and trying to locate my father and older brother Donny.  So I have taken it upon myself to finish her work on the time machine, and go back in time to stop them from going on that mission.

    “Lola.”  Zane spoke quieter now.  A hand landed softly on my shoulder.  “Even if you manage to fix this thing, you can’t mess with the past.  There are rules, you know that.  The higher ups could have you executed for it.”  My hands froze, stopping the wires movements.  

    “Your wrong, I can go back.  Go back and stop them from leaving.  Or change their ships coordinates at least. Just, something.”  I could hear my voice crack when I spoke, and my throat started to hurt.  

    “Lola.  You can’t change the past.  You can’t change fate.  But,”  He pulled my shoulder around so I had to face him.  “You just got to believe that they’ll come back.  They've been on so many missions, you've got to have more faith in them.  Right?”

    A tear slipped down my cheek.  “But Zane I could…”  I looked up at him.  To my surprise, he was crying too.  

    “Not everything has a solution.  Not everything can be fixed with one of these, these machines!”  He gestured around the room.  “I don’t want to tell you it's hopeless, but it is.  Even if you do stop them, it’ll alter everything.  So many things could go wrong.”   I stared at the ground as I felt his arms curl around my shoulders.  “To think, we could fix everything with a simple press of a few buttons.  To alter the universe with one piece of equipment.  It’s insane.”  I blinked away tears as I buried my head into his shoulder.  

    “I know.  But wouldn’t it be great?”
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