Feb 15
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Letter to the President

Dear Mr. Trump,
Please step down from offfice.  You are racist, sexist, and bigoted.  These ideals to not reflect the majority of Americans today, and it is ruining our democracy.  
You are a narcissist who is incapable to think about others.  Of the fifteen symptoms of clinical narcissism, you have all fifteen.  By only looking out for yourself, you cannot represent this country.  
You are a liar as well.  One instance of this is you signed a tax bill that benefits the wealthy while harming our middle and lower taxes.  This came after you said that the tax bill would raise your taxes while lowering those is economic classes below you.
You are also an unhealthy human being who spends more time watching television than you do governing the country.  Aside from this physical standpoint, you are also mentally unfit to run the country.
You are also attempting to get rid of millions of people in this country who have nowhere to go once they are deported.  This is cruel and unnecessary.  Aside from being human beings who deserve respect, these immigrants are a great help to the economy.
Mr. Trump, you were also elected with the help of a foreign government.  Russia interfered in our election, and you helped them orchestrate it.  When Muller's investigation comes out, we will all see that you are Vladimir Putin's puppet.
America never stopped being great.  We have always been made up of mainly good people who look out for one another.  We deserve to be led by someone who does the same.
With concern,
Eamon Deffner
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