Feb 23
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The barn

She woke up sweating and distressed. Confused by the darkness of the small hot room, and light buzz of the fan she wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. The same distinct seen kept coming back night after night.

It was of a barn she had never seen before. It was old and abandoned, with the wood slowly deteriorating away. It was located out of a large field that had once been a farm, but was deserted long ago. There wasn’t anything particularly special about this barn. She had seen many on the country dirt roads, but none ever looked like this one. Something unexplainable about it loomed over her, like a haunting memory. The landscape seemed so forgotten and left behind.

    She tried to remember all of the details she could but the image was starting to quickly fade from her mind, and the her fear built up, like it did every night. Why was she seeing this. She had never had an experience with a barn or anything having to do with it in her life. I was quite obvious this was no ordinary dream. For weeks it had returned, leaving her in the same sweating panic. Maybe it was a sign for something, foreshadowing what's to come. But there was no way of knowing. The only thing she could do was to go back to sleep and try to forget about it. And that's what she decided to do. It took some time to fall asleep, but as soon as she had forgotten about the barn, all of her stress melted away and the haunting of that dream had come to an end.

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