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Vermont Agency of Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe is a friend of Young Writers Project. She has long supported what we do both in schools and out.

With that backdrop, we have been made aware of a letter she sent to principals, superintendents and others cautioning them, seemingly, to restrain high school students from participating in "disruptive" activism, particularly related to the Parkland shooting...

"First and foremost, I support students’ first amendment right to free speech, and I encourage students to engage in civil debate about critical issues that affect their wellbeing. Vermont has a strong tradition of student voice, and we celebrate our students for their efforts to engage in and positively shape the future of our state. And at a time like this, we need to hear our students’ voices more than ever.

That said, the right to free speech does not extend to disrupting classes (which prevents others from learning), nor to leaving school without permission (which potentially creates a safety threat). ..."

The full letter is here: Holcombe Letter

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell her. Write a letter to her in response and post a copy here. We want to know what you think.
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