Mar 23
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Worms in a Garden

The world was their garden.
like worms,
dug their way through,
sifting through the grimy dirt.
They would come close,
but never close enough.
Searching for eachother in this thick soil seemed hopeless,
and it was.

Years passed. 
Becoming old,
one stopped looking for company.
He was tired,
so he gave up.

the other restlessly struggled.
Sifting through the dark earth,
she found nothing.

Under the porch by the garden,
a shell sat alone. 
She had watched the worms scour through the unforgiving ground for all those years.
She wanted to call out to the isolated worm,
"Here I am!"
But she could not speak,
for she was just an isolated shell.

The lonely worm never stopped searching,
she knew she wasn't alone in this forsakened garden.
Rain fell hard that night.
The worms were washed to the surface of the mud,
and at last she had found him.
She made her way over to him,
This moment,
she had waited for her whole life.
She wondered what she would say to him.

A lifeless worm lay on top of the mire.
The other lonesome worm felt her 5 hearts break.
The shell was washed away that next morning,
into the sewers of the filthy world.
The worm stared the lifeless body,
they had nothing to say to eachother.

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