Apr 12
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I know

I know that she is
sweat condensing on her palms
that she tries to rub off every minute or so
I know that this is the first
that she has done anything like this
gone on a date
or whatever you want to call it
I know that she would never in amillion years hope that
this person
would actually say yes
I  know from a 
thousand half sided conversatins in the car
with her half sobbing
half laughing
I know that she
doesn't want to be
but she has trouble finding someone
who will
take care of her
I know that she needs this person in her life
I know when ehr ead snaps up as a
lithe figure with 
long blond hair walks down the driveway
I know when 
she starts crying
I'm too low to know
what the girl said
only that it hurt her
I know when she drives away
because I can feel the
against my self
I know that something is going to happen
but I am wrong
I am just
left in the car as she sobs against the door
another broken casualty of another persons
wasted daggers
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