May 04
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This is our last chance. Our last chance to do the right thing and save the planet. Co2 and other greenhouse gas emissions have risen to a dangerous level. But there is one more chance one more chance to take action and keep the situation from spiraling out of control. Humanity has done something that any high school student will tell you is dangerous, and that is to procrastinate, and this has led us dangerously close to our own destruction. Many of our leaders have been gambling with the future of the land, earth, water and air that we rely on everyday to provide the nourishment necessary for survival. The world needs action and action now if we are to ever to effectively combat this issue. The people need to demand action from our governments and lay a new foundation for our energy infrastructure. We are currently hanging by a fraying rope over an abyss. If we fall then nothing can save us but we have been given one last chance. One last chance to heave ourselves onto safe ground and create a energy revolution.