May 09
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Science Fiction Love Story Challenge From a Friend(7 Minute Write)

She was in space. The dust particles floated around her as she bounced on the moon, ger boots scuffed with remnants of the rocks her feet touched on. Her helmet pinned down her hair, but she had the irrational desire to take it off and let her locks flow free, and let her naked eyes take in the majesty of the vastness that surrounded her. She had always thought this was where she would be loneliest - on the moon, by herself, with no sound but her own breathing - but instead, it felt like the infinite blackness was supporting her, wrapping around her like a blanket. Looking out over the largest something she had ever seen, she felt an intense love for the only place she had ever called home - the blue orb she could see in the distance. When she was standing upon it, it had never occurred to her how beautiful it truly was.