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We've been warned that “freedom brings responsibility”, yet in America, we have failed, and often still fail, to take responsibility for how the founding and building of our nation affects others. For every victory for freedom, there has also been destruction. Now is the time to change that, and we, the passionate Young Writers of the United States, are the ones to do it. Now that the 4th of July fireworks have boomed, illuminating the sky in celebration of our independence, it is time to accept its counterpart. Today, July 5th, will be Responsibility Day at YWP. A day to take action and raise our voices to expose the injustices of our nation, past and present. What is your idea of justice? What wrongs have you witnessed that should be righted? Is America truly the land of the free? What do you love about this country? What should you, personally take responsibility for? How can We The People improve our country? For, what is more patriotic than trying to make our country the best that it can be?

(This challenge was created by Hazel.C.)
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