Sep 04

First Day Of School...At Home

It's a first for me. 
Yet it is not really a first.

I start my first day of eleventh home.
After spending every school year in the same small school, it is extremely odd for me to not go back there. Homeschooling is a lot different. Yet it feels like I am still in the middle of summer. 

I miss my school. I miss my friends and teachers. I miss all of it. But everything has to change at some point. 

I feel nervous despite being in my own home. My mom set up all of my assignments for this week. She has to work so I am basically teaching myself. I have to be responsible and manage my time wisely. I guess this is good practice for the future but it is still overwhelming. 

I can't help but feel a little lost without the normal routine of an actual school. There is no meeting new people or new teachers, no getting into the rhythm of going to the multiple classrooms, and no reconnecting with friends. Despite all this sadness. I am excited too. My classes are geared towards my interests and I can learn at my own pace. I can also take electives that my school couldn't provide for me. Maybe changing things up is a good thing after all.