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Uncle Amir

Uncle Amir

Uncle Amir has an oval head, kind of like a giant lemon.  He has blue eyes like the water at ST.Martin(clear blue), his eyes droop a little bit like a hound dogs.  He has a big nose that goes along with his big mouth, but since it’s so big he has the greatest smile in the whole wide world.                                        Uncle Amir has white teeth like pearls, and his gums are the color of bubble gum.  He has white/tan skin and hairy arms like a gorillas. His hair is blackish brown but definitely more black, his hair is a little bit longer than buzzed but it spikes up and it’s really soft.  Uncle Amir has broad shoulders and chest, he has a round belly like santa claus. To go with his hairy arms his legs are also hairy and long.

Uncle Amir is so funny, he wrestles with my brothers and I but he never hurts us, and once he’s got us pinned to the floor he won’t let go but when he finally does does he tickles me until I pee my pants!   Also there was this one time when he was holding me and two of my cousins who were girls and he said “The 4 granddaughters!” as though he is one of the granddaughters as well. He is so nice to us when we come, one time parents and brothers went to a concert and my grandma and him watched after me, he bought me chinese food and mike and ikes, after my grandma went to bed we stayed up and watched adam sandler movies.  

I know I made my uncle Amir sound really ugly and mean but he is awesome!

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