Nov 23
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Deranged Conjointly Coterie

There was a club rumored to be so dangerous and scary that no one has ever even survived being in it. That's all that was ringing in my head when I was invited to join. The air was cold to the touch in the city. The night was dark and the moon looked as if it could no longer shine to keep the rest of us lit.

    “Hey little toughie why don’t you come over here.” The strong voice was coming from a guy leaning against a trolley stop bench. He burnt out his cigarette with his bare calloused finger. It didn't hurt the man at all. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I put in my earbuds as a signal for him to stop talking to me.

    “Aw shorty don't be like that.” He took a few steps until he was right in front of me. “Come on I know you playing with me.” He took my earbuds out and turned my face to look at him. His warm brown eye looked directly at my hazel ones. His smirk made me want to slap him across the face.

    “What do you want.” I tugged my earbuds out of his rough hands and back into my safe embrace. “You heard me, what do you want.” I crossed my arms and started to turn away before the man pulled me back around.

    “Aye dont be thinking about leaving. You should join the Deranged Conjointly Coterie. It's a long and sophisticated title but it translates to a simpler phrase of insane together group.” I trembled at the fact that I was asked to joint the Deranged Conjointly Coterie. That was the scariest group around. Some People would even go as far to call it a cult. The rugged man took my hand in his and enlaced his fingers with mine. “Come on they will love you and we are not as crazy as you think we are.” He could tell how much I was trembling.

    “No way.” That's when be threw me over his shoulders. “Put me down! Let me go! This isn't funny!”

    “Oh really because this is quite endearing to me. He laughed and tapped my nose with his finger on his free hand. “Your quite the cutie.” He laughed as I tried to kick him with my short legs. Soon we got to this busted up apartment that looked abandoned. He did a secret knock to indicate it was him. A girl with intense makeup and crazy pinkish-purple hair opened the door.

    “Oh hey Aasir! Whos the little firecracker? Aw is she our new pet!” The girl had a snarky and stuck up laugh that made me want to keel over and die. She grabbed my cheeks and started squeeze them. “Aw i'm just messing! My names Autika!” She gave a smile to reveal she had fangs embedded within her teeth.

    “I need to go.” The door was locked.

    “No way cupcake! Come say hi to Arktur. He's the founder. She gave a wink at me and took me to his so called founder. Arktur was this tall beefy guy with scars on his face. He had intense blue eyes that made me shiver.

    “Ah Autika whos this girl you brought. Please do bring her closer.” Arktur inched forward in his seat to look at me better. I stepped closer feeling threatened as it is. He took a lock of my caramel hair and played with its curl. After he did that he pulled my wait closer towards him. Autika started to roll her eyes at Arthurs behavior. Arktur lifted my watch.

    “Are you done yet.” Autika rolled her eyes as she wanted to be alone with him.

    “Autika you know you are my only love. Now is this Chanel?” He unclipped and raised my watch for me to see it closely.

    “Indeed and I would like it back.” I held out my palm for it to be laid upon but he just kept dangling it.

    “A little rich girl. Why is money so important?” He looked at me and I knew I couldn't mess up this question.

    “It's not sir…” I took a deep breath before I explained myself. “..And i'm not a rich girl. I was poor all my life with my father working at a local bakery. For my sixteenth birthday he took many extra jobs and shifts just to afford me this bracelet. My father ended up and hospital two days before my sixteenth birthday. He passed a day after. This was the last thing he ever gave me so I would please like it back!” I started yelling and tears streamed down my face. He gently placed the Chanel watch back into my care.

    “You belong with us.” he handed me a handkerchief to wipe my tears with.

    “What?” I dumbfoundedly said as I realized I shouldn't have said anything.

    “You just passed initiation.You opened up to the toughest looking guy around and that takes a lot of courage and emotion. You now are one of us.” I could not reject the offer now that I was accepted. “So what's your name rookie?”


Autika took me back into a smaller room that had a few bean bags and some wine poured into two glasses.

    “So you ready for tonight Fay?’ She giggled as she sipped her wine.

    “Fay?” I took a long sip.

    “Fayre, Fay. I thought you could use a nickname.”

    “Ok, and whats tonight?” I looked for answers as to what was the plan for tonight.

    “We are going to go freighthopping.” Autika swayed as she was getting tipsy fast. “Usually we go clubbing or bungee jumping or even go swimming with sharks if we are driven enough. Tonight we have a new recruit through so we just do something basic like freight hopping. Don't get me wrong it is exhilarating but it's just not as exhilarating as swimming with killer sharks.” Autika slouched back into her bean bag as she started to yawn. “I'm going to take a quick power nap. Wake me when we leave.” She started to slur into sleep.

    Now i'm apart of the Deranged Conjointly Coterie. How did I even get to this place. How did I get picked up on the streets expected to be lively. I was just a girl with earbuds in and now i'm about to go freighthopping. Unbelievable. I thought their club was a cult and that they sacrificed goats only to realize it's the kids who never got to do fun things because they didn't have a lot of money. These kids were poor or abandoned. Insane together. These people are a family and Im now apart of it.