Dec 17
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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Let's, Go, Fly a Kite

I shiver as I hear the sound of sirens blaring down the road. I clutch my bag as hard as I can and squat down behind a dumpster. I squeeze my eyes as tight as I can, and subconsciously think if I can’t see them, the can’t see me. Minutes pass, as I wait I can hear the wailing get fainter and fainter until they stop completely. I get up and brush myself off. I open my bag, and sure enough, it is still there. My prized possession. Nobody like me has ever even touched or seen one. I brush myself off, and start walking with my head down. Then I start to sprint, after all, this meeting guarantees me eating tonight or not.

FIve minutes later, I reach my destination. The lobby ground is cold, shiny, hard granite. I can see my dirty reflection staring back at me as the receptionist calls me up.

“You! How may I help you?”

I stare down at the note I had received almost ages ago. It was torn and dirty, but I could still read it.

“I-I have a package.” I say stuttering over the words that were once written in black ink.

“For whom, might I ask?” She says.

I continue to red from the note. “A man who loves animals- those with tails of course.”

She points to a man wearing a suit standing by an elevator. “Please go with him.”

I do as she says, and the man takes me up the elevator. The father up we get, the more crashes and bangs I hear.
The elevator opens, and we step out. The man points to a hallway. I walk towards the hallway and look back, making sure this was what he meant, but he is gone. I realize now it is just up to me.

At the end of the hallway was a door. By this time, I could hear screaming, yelling and banging. I open the door to see a tall room with lights of every surface. It was still dark somehow. They blue and purple lights gave off a chill vibe, but the noise could make sure it was anything but. A tall man stepped forward to meet me.

“Are you Julian?”

“Yes.” I answer timidly.

“Well, hand me that package and the deal will begin. I assure you, Julian, we have many sights for you to see.

“Is that so?”

“Julian, you don’t know what you are in for. Welcome, my boy, to the wonderful and thrilling world of kite fights.”