“Half off tickets, get yours now!“ the circus boy yelled. I tugged on my father's sleeve, “Father can we please go to the circus, its almost my birthday“ I whined.

“Marie, now isn’t the time, money is very tight.“ He said that in a strict tone which is why I didn't argue. In 1871 PT Barnum's circus is what everyone was chatting about. My eyes couldn’t be pulled away from the sight of the tent. Thinking of the dazzling trapeze dancers or the giants! I felt a tug at my arm, my father gave me a look. I knew that look, it was the, get over it look. He gives me that look everytime I ask to go. We caught a carriage home which was pleasant. I walked inside our home, I went into the kitchen to fix myself a snack. “ Marie, please come to the common room.” I sighed, I could only of the things my father had to say.

“Hello father, what do you need?“ a sassy tone escaped my voice.

“Well, Marie you are 11 now right? I think it's time you have an adventure of your own.“ A smile escaped from his usual stone cold face. He held up one ticket to PT Barnum’s circus. A scream came from my mouth. I thanked my father, alot. I ran up the stairs to my room. I used my makeup which was a rare occasion. It was my mothers before she passed. As I stroked the brush across my face, my father walked in. “Marie, you look just like your mother”

“Why thank you.” I said happily. My father took me to the entrance. My eyes couldn’t shut. The lights were blinding, it was dazzling. I showed the circus boy my ticket and he opened the flap to let me in. My ears were soon consumed with the noise of popcorn poppers and the talks of the viewers. My nose was indulged by the smell of the popcorn and peanuts. I took my seat, I reached my hand down and grabbed a piece of straw. The feeling of the straw gave my goosebumps. The lights turned to the center of the base. Then I saw him, the ringmaster. My eyes were captured by his outfit. Something flew through the air, a trapeze dancer was like a dove. She swung from side to side, gliding in the air more graceful them swan. She swung down, it was magnificent. The ground started to shake, my mind was perplexed. Then these beautiful stallion horses came out of the flap. They ran faster and faster, there colors were like a painting. The painted horses were engraved in my mind. The ring master makes his way to the center, and he takes a bow. The whole tent erupted into shouts and hollers. My eyes watered, I didn't want the night to be over. The trapeze dancer saw me. She waved and gave me a wink. My father was waiting for me outside. I ran into his arms. The whole night I didn't stop talking about circus. That night my dreams were bright and beautiful. Painted horses ran and pranced around my mind. I woke up the next morning smiling. I will never forget that night.