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Elves in the Forest

Elves in the Forest
    One day, my friends and I went in a restaurant for a snack, but this day, his friends were talking about elves in a forest, so I just ignored it for now.

We were walking home when one of my friends said, “We should go in the forest to find the elves.” So we did and nothing happened, but we did not stop looking.

It was getting late, so I asked my friends, “Can we go home yet?” and one of my friends said no, but once he said that, an elf came out of the grass and attacked my friends, so I ran to my house.

An elf followed me home, so I closed the door, but the elf got into my house and attacked me.

No one ever heard of my friends and I ever again.

Leeland Montag
Grade 5
Killington Elementary School
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