Aug 11

How This Community Works

This site is a community that provides peer, mentor and professional support through reactions to individual posts, projects (youth-led, artist-supported initiatives) and, formal learning Playlists--offered for a small fee (or free if you can't afford.) This community has only one rule--RESPECT--which creates one of the most civil spaces on the Internet. We value that; if you know that your ideas will be supported, it's easy to try something new, to take a risk.

This site is open to all youths from anywhere. To ensure that youths -- and approved adults -- are the primary participants we:
  • Check the information you provide on your application to verify that you are who you say you are; THAT MEANS THERE WILL BE A DELAY BEFORE APPROVAL. Please be patient with us. 
  • IF information you provide is false, your application will not be approved. So please be accurate and truthful.
  • We do not share personal information with anyone; the information is only viewable by YWP staff.
YWP retains the initial copyrights of submitted work; we do so to facilitate easy publication/presentation of your best work with our partners. HOWEVER, you are automatically granted full commercial rights to your work and may do whatever you wish with your own material, without acknowledging YWP or seeking our permission. If any youth needs to be granted back the full copyright, we are happy to do so; simply email Geoffrey Gevalt, call him at 802-324-9537 or write him c/o Young Writers Project, 47 Maple St., Suite 106, Burlington, VT 05401

This site was hatched on Aug. 22, 2015, nine years to the day from when the first site was launched. (The old site can be found at  For more specifics on this site: The HOME PAGE changes each morning with a new challenge, daily read, digital image or project and news.

DAILY CHALLENGES. These killer ideas are designed to help you find something to write about -- if you don't have an idea already. Write quick! Take 7 minutes and then come back to it if you like it. Click Daily Challenges in the EXPLORE menu link above to see the full collection of challenges. Click the WRITE button just below any of those challenges, to get started.
  • Feel free to post your own content anytime by creating a blog post. (Double-click the WRITE menu link above or click the "create a blog post" link in the drop-down menu.
REACTIONS. This community's strength is in specific feedback -- both giving and receiving. Beside each post is an unusual widget -- REACTIONS -- which is where you can tell the author what you noticed about his/her piece. Secret: These can be lused for live discussion! The REACTIONS posts auto refresh immediately so that anyone looking on the page with you will see your comment as soon as you post it. They might just comment back!
  • Quirk: If you are the first to post a reaction, manually refresh the page to see it. It's not a bug, it's just the way this feature behaves. All subsequent reactions will appear immediately without having to refresh the page.
MENTORING.  This community has many mentors -- older youths who've been with us for years, college students, adult artists and friends -- who will provide you reactions as well. More trained mentors will be joining.

ANNOTATIONS. Mentors provide specific suggestions for how you can improve your work, right in the text body. Only the author sees it (hover over the yellow highlight if you see one and you can view the mentor note). The purpose of these notes is to help you get your post selected for publication!

PUBLICATION. Young Writers Project affirms the quality of your work by getting it in front of an authentic audience. For all participants: Our monthly magazine -- The Voice  -- which presents the best of the best writing, photography, visual art, music and sound from this community regardless of age and geography. This magazine gets thousands of views each month. YWP also publishes on, an international storytelling site, and will soon announce several new channels on some major web sites.
  • In Vermont and NH, we partner with 18+ newspapers, (Vermont Public Radio) and, sometimes reaching 150,000+ readers and listeners!
  • and partner with many arts organizations to help your work get presented live, including Vermont Stage Company, Vermont Young Traditions, Vermont Young Playwrights.
YWP EVENTS. Under EXPLORE, you'll see a link to upcoming events on the site. This will become much more important as we hold live labs, discussions and artist visits. There's more ...USERPOINTS. When you post a blog, revise a blog, give a community member a REACTION, invite a friend to join the site (more if the friend actually joins!), you get userpoints. The more you accumulate, the more privileges you gain to affect activities in this community.

HASHTAGS can be placed in any story to help you develop ways for linking your work, or shared ideas.

SLIDESHOWS are a way to showcase your photography and art.

And don't miss the IDEABOARD and SIX-WORD STORIES spaces to just have fun.

COMING SOON: YWP Academy will be the place to learn new writing, storytelling, and media skills:
  • WORKSHOPS: Short online workshops aimed at developing skills through fun exercises in specific aspects of writing, audio, digital images, digital platforms, performance, etc. These will be composed of short, easy to follow exercises, with plenty of feedback from instructors and mentors!
  • PROJECTS: These are individual- or community-led endeavors focused on an individual's idea or a topic or a group initiative. YWP will provide support, guidance and help as needed. Sometimes YWP will initiate these and sometimes these will be in partnership with other organizations.
But this site isn't all Young Writers Project does. Check out our other programs, too!