Apr 03
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The end...

    The scorching sun was shining on the emaciated infant’s cracked scalp. With a wave of dry air came the shrieking, the wailing, the silence. The child’s creator was trying to shake the baby awake, to no avail. Why do humans always shake the dead? They know in their heart that they are gone and yet humans are so stubborn as to disturb the peacefulness of a corpse. Do not fear me. I simply am and always will be. I am of your doing and thus must act in accordance to your actions. It is a morose business but it does keep me sane. Anyway, enough about me. The offspring’s mother hastily studied every detail of the babies face, as not to forget. She noticed that his crescent-like wine stain was missing. Where the baby had slept there were faint footprints in the golden sand. This creature was not of her blood, I should know.  With a cry of anguish the mother fell to her knees. Another note about humans, they seem to be very unbalanced at times and at others are immovable. So strange. For the rest of her pitifully short life she searched the alien hellscape that she was so willfully confined to. In the end I collected her as well. She resisted in the beginning of the end but in due time everyone answers the call of death...

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