Apr 03

Mystery of Theon

Montem Ardere;
          Theon, the unknown island. Everyone born here lives here and dies here. And everyone that lives and dies here was born here. No maps tell of us, to the world we don't exist. Teal waters on the coastline sparkle in the sunlight, under skies of crystalline blue. In the north is uninhabitable mountains, but stretching from the foothills in the northeast to the northwest is beach. On the beach live the rich and poor, in castles, palaces, shacks and tents. The south beach is called Naomi, the west Gagalo, the east Yura. In the center of it all is Montem Ardere, burning mountain. It is surrounded on the east and south by a desert that stretches to Yura and Naomi. And to the west are the  little mountains that also border Gagalo. It is virtually unreachable. But the beachfolk are fine with that.
          Old Wives Tales tell of a beast so vicious that it ate away the land around it’s home making Theon an island. Us Undari, the desertfolk, know the only vicious thing around here is our Chief Elder. She is pregnant and VERY moody. But don’t tell her I said that. Anyway, all of the desertfolk meet in the capitol at the new year. However, this year the folks way to the north east didn’t make it. This sent everyone into panic. A search team was set out to find them and if they had fallen avenge them for the sake of us all. I am too young to fight, but I’ve convinced them to take me along as a scribe. For haste, we would be traveling quite close to Montem Ardere, and who knows what we might find.
          We set out today, and I’m starting to get nervous. I’m practicing writing in this here journal, in hopes to properly recount any bizzare things we come upon. I’m not talking about the beast. No that’s just a story to scare the little ones into following rules. I’m talking about the mountain. Each of the mountains are stunning and beautiful in their own way, and I’ve only ever seen one before. Next a write, I will be a seasoned traveler-scribe extraordinare!'

“The journal ends here, Sergeant?”
“Yes, Captain that’s all we could collect. The rest of the pages were either burned or eligible”
“Did you find anything else?”
“Nothing except scorched remains. Now let’s get out of here, I don’t want to befall to the same fate as this poor chap”