Apr 04
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My Home

They say Home is where the heart is...
By that logic, I am Home. 
My Home leads me in the best direction.
Home is the drive to leave this town.

Home knows what is best.
Home knows where is best.
Home knows who is best.

A Home keeps it's distance,
But you know it's always there.
A Home is a place inside 
That will always accept you.
A Home will never leave you,
Even when you ignore her for far too long.

A Home isn't where you grew up,
Or the town you were born in.
A home is wherever you are. 

I used to think that "home" was where
Your favorite person was.
I used to think that my heart was 
Where my parents were.

Now I know that my heart isn't
With my parents.
My parents are with my heart.
And they live safe and sound,
Inside their little Home, 
Our little Home.