Apr 11
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As winter ends, and the snow begins to melt, 
I prepare to show myself. 

I start as a seed, the size of a freckle. 
With the perfect amount of water, 
and a little sunlight, I begin to sprout.
Small leaves show as my stem grows.
I am surrounded by bleeding hearts,
And forget-me-nots that are barely identifiable.

And then I truly begin to blossom.
My stem grows past the forget-me-nots,
Past the bleeding hearts,
Past every other flower in the garden.
Until I'm 100 feet above the ground. 

I am a giant rose, surrounded by infinite colors. 
I stand taller than the man that planted me, 
Taller than the house he built with his wife,
Taller than the hill that sits in the background.
I sway with the wind, afraid to fall all the way down.

Still, I am stable. 
Still, I am powerful. 
And through it all, I remain a seed.
The size of a freckle.