Apr 11
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Family Secrets

“Hi Mom , how are you?”

”I’m good.Can you go get the old books from the basement? Your grandpa wanted them.”

I wonder why Grandpa  wanted the old books. I have never seen him read before. Maybe he wants to add more books to the library.

I go down to the basement . I am trying  to find the box of books, but just as I am looking around I spot the box. On top of the box there is an  ancient notebook. I go to grab it, but just then I hear my mom open the door.

“Hi, Dad . Come in and have a seat.I made banana bread.Do you want some?”Mom  says.

“Yes of course, I want some. Can you pack some for your mother? She loves your banana bread.”

¨It’s grandpa.He’s here for the books.¨

He’s not here for the books, I think to myself, he’s here for a book.I ignore the chatter  and open the book. On the front page it says “My Journal”under that it says “Tim Miller”.That’s my grandpa’s name.It was his journal  from high school.

Should I read it or not I ask myself.  I go ahead and turn the page. I start reading. It says “I met  this girl today.She is the most prettiest girl I have ever seen before” I stop, is that Grandmother  or is it someone else? I keep reading. “ She has long hair, dark blue eyes, and the most beautiful smile. Her name is Alice Wilson.” I read. That’s  not Grandmother , it’s someone else.

I close the journal  and run up the stairs to ask who  that girl was. I go up to Grandpa and ask, “ Who is that girl that you liked in high school?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“You know what I am talking about. Alice Wilson the girl with the long hair.”

“ You read the journal .Well...she is your grandmother her real name was Alice Wilson. Now we call her Allie and she changed her last name to my last name.”

“Oh, I am sorry I read your journal.” I say  with a sad face.

“It’s ok,” Grandpa says with a smile and he gives me a piece of banana bread.

-Riya Patel (Rutland Middle School) 
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