Apr 12

Winter in a Nutshell

The early-winter’s biting cold strikes me like a hammer. I shiver in the depths of our nest, poked and scratched by razor-sharp nettles. My thoughts drift to last night, as Casia and the kids had settled down for bed. Sasha had told us that a winter storm was coming. I told her don’t be foolish. Alan asked to sleep with me for warmth. I said don’t be weak. I sent them back to bed. I was hungry and wanted to get away from them, so I went to our food store, deep in the tree. Tired from the day's work, I had floated off into an uneasy sleep. Now I stare at my family, frozen where they slept. I only made it because of my greed and selfishness. My last words to them were ones of anger. My guilt claws at my insides. I make the leap. *Thud*