Apr 12

Columbine In The Storm

The unforgiving wind batted against the roof, and waves washed into the small wooden hut. The last piece of wood that held the house onto the ground came free, sending it into the storm. Thunder claps engulfed the home, sending furniture flying into the air.
Sapley hung tightly onto a table, fearing for her life. Storms like this came by often and normally all the animals in the were underground by the time it hit. But the loving mouse had stayed because on that fateful night the signs of a storm hadn’t been noticed by her. She had her paw’s full with two little bundles of joy that never slept. A brick could have hit her and she wouldn’t have been aware. How dearly she regretted it.
The strongest gust yet swept through the home, sending Sapley flying through the air. She floundered as waves roared over head, each one threatening to send her to the bottom forever. But she was determined, because she never broke her promises. Especially the wish of her dearest sister.
‘The light was leaving her eyes, and she breathing became labored. Sapley was trying to hide her tears, wanting to be strong in her sister's last moments. But she was trembling with grief. Her sister coughed and whispered softly. “Take Columbine and Dunyam.” She then closed her eyes for the last time.’
And so Sapley pushed onward, swimming for all she was worth. But she wasn't meant to swim, and she started to sink. Slowly she went down. A vision of a kindly mouse came into her mind. He spoke only a word. But this one word gave her purpose, and as she faded into the depths, she was able to put one of the babes on a piece of driftwood. As she and Dunyam sank her last word was spoken. Word’s of a wise mouse. The word that summed up how she wanted to be remembered, and what made her give her life for a mouse babe that wasn’t her own. “Love”