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Where Did She Go?

Amaya was a little girl, 5 years old. She had everything a little girl would want. A big house, a large backyard and a big toy bin. She had a cat who’s name was Belle, after Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loved that cat more than anything in the whole world.  Amaya was a happy person. Until she turned 7.

    “Amaya dear! Supper’s ready.” Nana yelled to Amaya who was riding her scooter with the kids across the street. Amaya turned and nodded her head towards her nana.

    “I have to go now. I will see you all later.” Amaya told her friends. They all waved goodbye and she scooted back to the house. She put her scooter back in its “designated” spot in the garage. Then, she took off her helmet and walked up the steps.

    “I’m here Nanai.” She sat down in her booster seat, fork in hand.

    “Excuse me. What do you think you’re doing?” Amaya rolled her eyes the slightest bit. She quickly stopped once she saw her nana looking at her with that look. You don’t know what it means but you know it’s not good. She quickly spun into the bathroom to wash the dirt and chalk off of her hands. She looked at her hands.

    “They aren’t that dirty.” She turned around to walk out the door. Amaya walked out to the table with her hands behind her back. She struggled to get into her booster seat. Nana had put her mickey mouse chicken nuggets and her smiley face french fries on the plate in front of her. Yes! No vegetables! Amaya thought to herself. She spoke too soon.

    “Here’s your green trees darling.” Nana said as she put the broccoli on Amaya’s plate. Gosh darn it. Nana sat down at the other end of the table. She picked up a nugget and put it to her mouth. She felt proud. Knowing she fooled Nana.

    “Where’s Papa?” Amaya asked her nana.

    “It’s Wednesday. He’s bowling.” said Nana. “How do you think he would feel knowing that you didn’t wash your hands before your supper?” Nana asked eating her chicken salad.

    “ What! How did you know?” Amaya asked dropping her nugget.

    “Because Nana knows everything.” She picked up her plate and put it in the sink. She has a dishwasher, but she doesn’t know how to use it. Amaya slid out of the booster seat threw her plate away.

    “Amaya get your jammies on and head up to bed.”

    “Okie dokie!” Amaya skipped up to her bedroom. It was painted pink with yellow flowers and butterflies. She got up on her step stool and up by the window.

    “Meow.” Amaya turned her head and there was Belle. The most fabulous cat in the whole universe, as Amaya said. Amaya let out a little laugh and started to stroke Belle as she hopped up on the window sill. It was her cat's favorite spot. She thought that it was because she could see the world. She had a schedule. Amaya would wake up snuggle with Belle for 5 minutes, (even though she never stopped at 5). They were always together. Amaya even snuck her to school a couple of times. She brought her to the park and on vacation. Nothing could separate them. Amaya was a very shy little girl. She didn’t really have any friends because after her parents died, she didn’t talk that much. Belle was her best friend. People think that they just say things like that but it wasn’t true for Amaya and Belle.  Amaya said her prayers and got under the covers. Belle came up and snuggled up to her head. Amaya let out a little giggle.

    “Oh, I love you Elle,” that was Belle’s nickname. Belle is about 5 years old. She’s an orange tabby cat. Amaya loves her so much because before her parents passed away in a car accident, they had gotten her a stuffed animal when she was born. And it looked just like Belle. Her mom and dad had taken her to get Belle for her 2nd birthday. They died the next day. Amaya didn’t really remember them all that well. Nana tells her a whole bunch of stories about them. Their wedding day is her favorite story of them all.

    “Adam what is taking so long?” Asked her Papa through the door. There was no answer. He tried the door handle but it wouldn’t budge. Oh no. He thought. What if he fled the wedding because he is not ready to spend his life with my Julia! There were many thoughts running through her Papa’s head. He yelled at the door again.

“Adam. Listen up. I don’t know whether you are in there or not,but of you are, I have something to tell you. You are not good enough for my daughter. In my eyes, no one is. But you have changed my vision of her future. You are someone that Julia cares very much about. She needs you. So please. If you are in there. Don’t run. You need to stay.” There was no answer. Papa was getting angry. His foot came flying at the door as it hit, the wooden barrier cam crashing to the ground. Papa, astonished at what he just did, walked through the now open doorway.

“Hello?” He called. No one was here. A cold air breeze hit the side of his face. He swiveled his head around to see a window open and the curtains blowing, the way you see it in movies. His mouth dropped open in astonishment. Where had he gone? Nana came running in and saw Papa standing in the room looking at the window. Nana broke down and cried. Papa sped out of the room. He stomped down the hall. Bang, bang, bang. This fist hit Julia’s door.

“Julia? Are you in here?” Papa yelled through the door. It creaked open.

“Hey Dad.” she paused. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh Julia. I have something to tell you.” He looked at her face as it dropped. “Adam is gone. We have looked everywhere. I’m so sorry honey.”

“Oh Dad. You clearly didn’t look everywhere.” She stepped away from the door and opened it more. Adam was sitting there on the bed.

“Adam! Why are you in here? It’s bad luck.”

“I’m sorry sir. We were playing scrabble.”

“Oh. Well come. It’s about to start.” He turned and started away from Julia’s room with Adam on his heels.

“Oh by the way, sorry for the door.”

Scrabble was her parents favorite game. The last game that they had all played together before the had passed, Amaya won. Amaya was a smart kid. Sometimes she thought that they let her win.

Amaya fell asleep shortly after. As she woke, something was off.

“Belle? Belle where are you?” She put on her slippers from Justice and slipped downstairs. She looked all over for her cat. But there was no sign that a cat had been there today.

“Hey Nana. Have you seen Belle?” Amaya asked in concern.

“Oh sweetie. You will want to sit down.”

“Um okay.” Amaya voiced questioningly.

“Belle was sick and-”

“Oh no! Where is she? I need to help her!” Amaya said as she looked around.

“Honey, Belle passed away,” Nana told her in the most sensitive way she could. Amaya looked up at her. No she didn’t. She thought to herself. Nana is just fibbing. A smile gave way on Amaya’s face. She started to giggle.

“Amaya, why are you laughing?” Nana asked her confused.

“Belle isn’t really gone. You are just fibbing. She’s around here somewhere.” Amaya got up once more and looked around. Belle wasn’t anywhere. Nana wasn’t lying. Amaya’s smile turned upside down. A tear trickled down her cheek. Nana pulled her in close.

“I’m so sorry, dear. So sorry.”

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