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Apr 12


Photo credit: Diomari Madulara, Unsplash
Writing poetry in form can be tricky – but gratifying! To get used to the experience, try exploring these forms:
  • Abecedarian: Each line or stanza begins with the first letter of the alphabet and is followed by the next letter, A-Z. Here's are some examples from YWP writers who participated in my Writing on the Roof workshop in February 2019: "Wishes" (by eyesofiris); City Sunrise (by Love to Write); and Beasts of Blood (by Hazel.C.).
  • Ghazal: Written in couplets, a minimum of five and no more than 15, that are autonomous. The first two lines end in the same word and in all the couplets after that, the second line of each also ends in that word. The lines of each couplet should be roughly the same length. Traditionally, the last line somehow incorporates your name, but that is optional. Go to this link on to find out more.
Due May 3

Alexandra Contreras-Montesano
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