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Apr 12


Photo credit: Diomari Madulara, Unsplash
Writing poetry in form can be tricky – but gratifying! To get used to the experience, try exploring these forms:
  • Abecedarian: Each line or stanza begins with the first letter of the alphabet and is followed by the next letter, A-Z. Here's are some examples from YWP writers who participated in my Writing on the Roof workshop in February 2019: "Wishes" (by eyesofiris); City Sunrise (by Love to Write); and Beasts of Blood (by Hazel.C.).
  • Ghazal: Written in couplets, a minimum of five and no more than 15, that are autonomous. The first two lines end in the same word and in all the couplets after that, the second line of each also ends in that word. The lines of each couplet should be roughly the same length. Traditionally, the last line somehow incorporates your name, but that is optional. Go to this link on to find out more.
Due May 3

Alexandra Contreras-Montesano
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Challenge Responses

Mar 03

How I Became a Let-Go

At the corner of 
Bowery St. mornings start with
Coffee brewed on last night's dreams and the refusal to 
Dampen darkness when it is uncontrollable.

Effervescence is his way of telling me to wake up. Summer sunrises are 
Forged from the unlocked door and are
Gone by the time I realize they are waiting. 

He is happiness and mirror-
Images of yesterday, when
Just we were enough.

Keeping myself whole on the car ride home is 
Like trying to stop the
Mouse from getting eaten by the

Punctuation leaves a hole where there should be breaths. 
Quiet has to be
Reasoned with and 
Stolen from the
Tired metal staircase of an over-
Used Manhattan apartment.

Villainy is our aspiration 
When the infinite 
Xenial skylines of 
Your childhood put 
"Zoom" in the word leaving. 
Feb 26


age 5, standing
before a cloudy mirror, 
can't decide between purple or 
dark red hair bows.
eleven minutes pass, 
finally time to leave. 
go on, let's 
hurry, hurry, 
jagged stickers are still my favorite
keepsakes, love is twirling around in a tutu. 
liquid dreams fill up my bones, 
marshmallow melodies play in my mind. 
nudges from reality sneak past
over meadows of thoughts. 
purple bows rule over my hair, 
queens of the umber waves. 
resting on my wrist are
seven bracelets, a pinkbluegreenyelloworange
titanic monstrosity, all the color in the world. 
uncloaked, my soul shows a thousand
vivid candles, all on fire and 
waiting to be wished upon. 
xylophone lullabies, blow out
your candles, darling girl, watch as your wish
zips into the cloudless sky. 
Feb 24

Beasts of Blood

Very rough draft of a Abecedarian poem created during yesterday's wonderful poetry workshop. Thank you Alexandra for the inspiring experience! It was cool to try writing in Abecedarian form; it really helpful to get ideas out. Here's my brain dump piece for now...I'll probably come back and edit it later. 

All it takes is one fly in the web
beckoning the stabbing spider who
carries a cacophony of
deadly jaws and
electric yellow warnings of
fiery venom that liquifies me in a single
gaping bite.

Her window - wide eyes reflected mine,
intricately cracked and mended in a pattern
just clean enough to hold.

Kin are the stitches to an embroidered 
love: stiches fray as
moths gnaw at any bright perfection. 

Never take pearly bindings as an end
on which to balance your happiness;
perhaps dove wings shall spread,
quitely pumping the blood that
reddens in an instant