Apr 14
poem 0 comments challenge: Song

Secrets by One Republic

Look around you
Everything is there
Life is holding things inside me
Words pouring from my mouth
Tell me 
Your secrets
Your hidden thoughts
That you are bottling up.
Tired eyes stargazing
Watching the death of happiness
 What can I do for you?
How can I change the world?
Lips full of secrets
And let them go.
Angels flying somewhere
Whispering in my ear
In your voice.
Your ideas
And thoughts
Run toward the light
Let it embrace you
Hear the music
And let it flow around you
You are free
Flying far, far, far
Into the twilight.
About the Author: LadyMidnight
"There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemmingway