Apr 14
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Swinging With Friends

The group of friends on the swings have been friends for a very long time. Since kindergarten. They’ve never fought and never will. Every moment they’re together, they’re having fun. They’ve decided to chose this hot summer day to meet at the park and play. Their favorite thing in the park is the swings, so they decided to go there. Their names are Bobby, Sunny, Alexandra and Gloria.

    “I wish we could spend all summer together” Bobby said to the rest of the group.

“Yeah. Life is pretty dull without you guys” Sunny agreed.

“At least we can see each other at least once a week” Alexandra told them.

“Yeah, but that’s not nearly enough time” Gloria whined, trying to sound annoying.

They all laughed and tried annoy each other with the sounds of their voices. It didn’t really work.

“Hey, let’s have a contest. Whoever can reach the highest point of the swing first wins. How about it” asked Bobby.

“Yeah” they all shouted. They counted down, all ready to start swinging. Then they all shouted go and started swinging. Sunny won. They had a great time at the park and were sad when they had to leave. Like Alexandria said, at least they get to see each other at least once a week.