Apr 15


Notice me.  
Take a look.  
You will see how hurt I am and this is because of you.  
I try to talk to you but you wave me away like a fly.
You and your horrible friends exclude, and make me feel so awful inside.  
It makes me wonder why I ever wanted to be friends with you.
I thought you were nice but you are evil inside and out.
I am changing my ways because of you.  
Just yesterday I was fine, but today I am crying.
You make me lose hope and all of my happiness.
I am pushing away the people I love and want to be alone.
I never wanted to be like this.  
Alone and afraid.
So take notice of me my friends and see the way I am living.
You think your lives are so hard but you don’t recognize the other people around you.
Me, the person who looked up to you because of all of your friends.  
Me, the person who wanted to be like you.
The person who is scared, alone, friendless, and angry.
Angry at the world, life, and just want a little more happiness.
I sit alone, I stare at the wall, wondering what is to come next.
Every day I sit in bed not wanting to start the day.
I feel like my life is a lie and I need to talk to someone.  
BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!
You have crushed me underneath the weight of your self-centeredness.
You only care about yourselves and no one else.
You can sit together, oblivious of what is happening.
But I rarely smile anymore and I only feel pain.
Even though my birthday is coming, I have no enthusiasm.
Not anymore.
I’m going to sit alone in my room pretending I’m okay.  
I will fake emotions to try to cheer myself up but it won’t work.
Your laughs tear me apart and I wish I could be laughing with you.
I do my work in silence while you socialize with your paper blank.