Apr 18


History is burning around us, 
history is burning around us, 
the shattered stained glass shards
raining down around us. 

History is being bombed around us, 
crumbling architecture, gods
that surround us blowing up, 
ancient gods blown up with modern weapons,

History is being erased around us, 
I can see the little eraser crumbs scattered 
across an entire people's story 
wiped blank, like they were never there.

What is going to be left over for those who inherit, 
smoking ruins of robots and computers
that we used to destroy ourselves?

Will they know about their ancestors, 
will they know how they fought, 
how they lived, 
how they loved, 
or will they look at the remains of the Earth and decide
they are ashamed of anyting that came before them? 

If aliens come in the future, 
will we be left to greet them? 
will our history be scattered across our great planet, 
or will they find a scorched Earth 
and not a sign of Earth? 

Will they find our rovers, 
our sattelites playing music among the stars, 
and wonder how something so beautiful
could so violently explode?

Maybe we were always meant
to go in a beautiful bomb, 
but will the future remember us? 

That's up to us.