Apr 20
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I knew I shouldn't have.

Hi, I have a best friend, well I'm pretty everyone has a best friend, its the one person you would trust and the one person you tell everything to. I thought I had it all. A perfect boyfriend that was always there for me no matter what, amazing friends but most importantly my best friend. But the one thing me and my best friend did is we never ever looked in each other's journals because even best friends need to write something down that they didn't want you to know. But lets just say that I was starting to get suspicious of my best friend because yeah like I get it she doesn't want to me to see what she has written down in it, but seriously  every time I would pick it up and move it so I would be able to sit down she would get so bad and scream at me and tell me to get out. Ok like I know  get people like there privacy but this was getting out of hand. What in the living hell was so important that she didnt want me knowing, what was in that diary?
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