Apr 20

Early Afternoon

You stole all of the blankets.
I'm not mad,
just a little cold.
But you look too cute to steal them back.
I'll wait,
it's okay.

I fell back asleep.
You woke me up with a gentle kiss on my nose.
Of course I smiled and laughed,
how could I not?

"You're beautiful."
you whisper.
I can't help but smile
and curl closer to your chest.

Your pajama bottoms are soft.
I don't want to get out of bed.
You go to climb out,
but I pull you back
and ask to stay a little longer.
You tucked us both in.

It's warm and fuzzy,
and everything feels
like it's bathed in sunshine,
and I can't help
but press a smile
to your cheek
and close my eyes.
This feels right.