Apr 21

Your Example

Everywhere we go my generation hears, ‘you are the future’

But how are you expecting us to be the future, if we learn by example

If we are supposed to learn by YOUR example

But your example is drilling for oil that will soon run out

Your example is sex offenders getting away without a charge  

Your example is to throw tear gas at mothers
To let innocent children die

Just because they are different from us
We have heard them called ‘aliens’

But maybe we are the outsiders

We are creating a barrier

Between ourselves, and the world

But is the wall to keep other people out

Or us in

What is so dangerous about a little girl in flip flops

What kind of example is being set by discrimination

Just because they have different beliefs

Or love the same gender

Does that give you the right to judge them?
And what about when we are in the future

When we are adults, lost because you were too busy

Trying to get resources that we no longer have

Or trying so hard to stop immigration of fearful families

Instead of teaching us right from wrong

But instead we learned from the internet

From our siblings or from instagram

I guess that’s good though

Because you would be teaching us all the wrong things