Apr 23
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July 11th, 2014

April 29th, 2014
She was admitted into the hospital today. She flat lined tonight, and we thought we lost her. The doctors brought her back. She's in the ICU now. Room #1. There are no windows, and the room is basically a prison. 

May 5th, 2014
She went into surgery today. It was a risky one, but she made it through. She isn't giving up.

May 7th, 2014
She finally switched rooms. She's settling into room #7, still in the ICU. The room has many windows, is spacious, and it's on the corner of the building. 

May 30th, 2014
She is going under the knife again. I'm very scared for her. 

May 31st, 2014
She made it through the surgery. I am overjoyed. 

June 15th, 2014
She moved around today. I heard they got her out of bed and put her into a chair. She has a bunch of "Get Well Soon" cards propped up on the window sill. 

June 30th, 2014
Another surgery. She made it through again. I am so proud of her. 

July 5th, 2014
She's getting so much better. She might actually get to come home. 

July 11th, 2014
My dad called me and told me we were heading to the hospital. This is the last day I'm going to see her. Everyone is at the hospital. I can't seem to stop crying. We tell our favorite stories of her as we say goodbye. 

July 11th, 2014. 7:55 P.M.
I said goodbye.