Apr 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Dream


I stood on the edge of the huge battleship.
My bare feet felt the roughness of the wooden floor beneath me.
I held to the railing,
gripping it tightly,
my hair whipping around my face
as the ship reared up on the tall waves.
Oddly, no rain came with this storm.
The sky was a blank yet dark gray.
I watched the waves crash into one another
as if they were fighting for dominance
over the vast ocean.
The rest of the crew struggled to keep our ship upright,
pulling on the mast and yelling across the howling wind to one another.
My job was to watch for land,
yet there was no land in sight.
Suddenly, a pillar of light shot from the sky
hitting the surface of the water and shooting right through.
The whole world seemed to hold its breath
then the water started to recede
as if the light was sucking it in.
I watched in disbelief as a shark was pulled into the bright light.
Our ship slowly started to drift along with the rest of the ocean
and I had to squint my eyes as we got close.
The light was blinding!
Suddenly, the light was right in front of me
and I reached my hand out to touch it
and I woke up.