Apr 24


They say those who work hard,
Push themselves,
Succeed in life. I disagree
I say, those who work hard, push themselves, with goals, succeed.

For as long as I can remember,
I’ve been always told that if I wanted to succeed in what I do,
I had to work hard. Although that true,
I’ve now come to realize that I’m not getting anywhere, and it is not because I’m not following this equation, but because this equation itself is missing one crucial variable.

Goals are the foundation to all success,
They are the start of all great accomplishments.
Because without  goals, we are just hamsters on a running wheel,
Without goals, we are nothing more than a driver with a map, but a destination.

We can work out as many hours as we want in the gym,
Play basketball for as long as we desire,
Go to school for as many days as we can,
But at the end of the day,
Without goals, without purposes,
All of our hours of hard work are meaningless.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard,
In fact, I truly believe there’s a huge predicament to those who do not work hard.
But why spend your money on something you do not receive or see?.
Why suffer an unrememberable pain when it can be written down in history?.
Our time here on Earth is short, and if we want to make it memorable, making sure every step we take counts should be our top priority.
But unfortunately, we can’t do that by hard work alone.