Apr 25
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Are You Leaving?

Why does it always feel
like you are 

I will bathe myself in gold to keep you
learn every language
if it will just let me understand you
but yet it feels as though our continents have shifted
the plates of life beneath us have grinded our hearts
too far

I was always there for you
I cried for you
but who is left to cry
for me?

I am looking into your eyes
and I could reach out and touch your hand
at any instant
but the words spilling out of your lips
no longer make sense to me.

You've put a filter over your face.
Who are you?
What is your name?
Are you happy now?

Why does it always feel 
like you are
leaving- No

I should stop asking questions
I know the answer
know it too well.

I see the door
and now I realize
perhaps I have overstayed my welcome.