Apr 25
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The world as we know it today,
Is full of guns, hate, and war.
Nothing more.
Why don't people stop and pray?
Pray for being human.
Pray for being stressed.
Pray for being their very best.

Some must wait in dread.
Others living their spoiled rich lives,
While giving nothing!
Nothing I say,
To those living on the streets with just a thin card board box.
The ones eating boiled leaves just to get by the day.
The hospitals that need new equipment.
They don't even give a crap to being human.

No one in this world understands.
Understands that boys cry.
Or that acne is normal.
That parents can be gay.
The fact that the only thing they should be is grateful.
No one understands that we are all human.

Why don't we just stop.
Stop and listen.
Put down our weapons.
Stop the fight,
And listen.
Listen to the little voice in our head saying,
Stop you're all you'll ever be.