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It can happen to anyone

April 2nd 2020

    Hey Diary! Today has been really great! I made a lot of friends and they all really like me. Going to a new school is not as bad as i thought it would be. I miss my friends back at home but I’m sure they’ll stay in touch. I’ve been making plans with my new friends so I might not write back for awhile. Bye Diary.
April 21st 2020

    Hey diary! Sorry I haven’t wrote anything for awhile. I know i”m talking to a notebook but i just feel like I should talk to you like you’re my closest friend in the world and I can tell you anything. Anyway, I met a boy at school and he’s really cool. My friend ashlyn said he might ask me to the dance. And honestly I hope he does! My mom and I went out for lunch today and it was great! I’m happy we get along so well. It’s probably because I’m nice to my parents unlike some teenagers my age.
April 22nd 2020

Hey diary. Tyler ended up asking me to the dance and I said yes. Ashlyn said he would ask me to date him soon. I hope it does because he’s so cool.
May 18th 2020

Hey. Tyler and I have been dating for awhile now. He’s taking me out to a party tonight and I think it’s gonna be awesome. I’m gonna sneak out later.
May 19th 2020

It worked I snuck out. I met up with tyler and he told me I was boring so I showed him i’m not boring and started to drink. It was super fun and I think i showed him! My mom caught me though and she’s mad but i don’t care anymore.
May 29th 2020

I’ve gone to two more parties since last time and I did the same each time. I also started to sneak more for myself and hid it in my room. My mom probably won’t find out.
May 30th 2020

I’ve been sneaking some to school too it just makes the classes less boring. I got called to the office and they didn’t even notice.
June 2nd 2020

My principal found some in my backpack and I got suspended. My mom is mad and says she is gonna send me to some stupid rehab center if I don’t stop. I think she is lying.
June 5th 2020

She wasn’t lying and shes sending me to the stupid place. I don’t even do it that much and tyler does it too.
June 18th 2020

Hey diary! I’m back to my old self my mom sent me to the place and I met some cool people. I got out of hand for awhile but now I’m great. I’m moving again. I just hope that this is the last time this will happen two times is enough.    

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