Apr 26
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Scene One

Scene opens to a dark room will water dripping in the the background.
A man with a flashlight is looking around the room. Slowly scanning the area as if he is looking for something.
There is a loud crash
Man: Hello

There is no answer the man continues to search with the flashlight.
There is another crash
this time it comes from a hallway that is carved out of rouge stone.

As the man neers the hallway he pulls a pistol from his belt he then points the flashlight and the pistol down the hallway.
There is one more crash
The man fiers the pistol down the hallway just as a huge hairless bear type thing launches itself from the hallway
The creature nocks the man over and bites into the man's neck.
The scene cuts the a man suddenly jerking awake from a deep sleep he is covered in a cold

The man gets out of bed and walked over to the bathroom as he shuts the door on the camera you see a large scar on his neck that is in the form of a bite.    


End scene one

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