Apr 26

Upside Down & Inside Out

I scream with laughter when I catch sight of the upside-down trees.
When I jump I touch the sky.
Why I run I'm faster than light.
I turn to my friends,
But they aren't there.
Their voices are, however.
'Stop running!'
'Where are you going?'
I do.
I stop.
I twirl on the grass, do a cartwheel that leaves me dizzy and disoriented.
'The whole world is upside down and inside out!' I shout with glee at the voices of those I love.
The wind carries me up to the clouds, and I dangle my feet towards the sun.
When I wake up I don't know where I am.
Here everything is normal.
Here nothing is upside down.
Or inside out.
Why are my dreams always so real?
It's not fair!
Or wait...
Was that real?
Is this the dream?