Apr 26
fiction 0 comments challenge: Pal

Who's The Real One?

"Hello!" I greet you joyously in the morning sunlight. 
Your messy brown hair and headphones stand out to me against the crowd. I see the glanes you get, hugging me, but I pretend not to notice, for your sake.
The flood of kids brings us forward, towards the school. I smile brightly at you, tugging my dirty blond hair into a ponytail, because you once said you liked it.
You open your locker, but I just stand there. Trying not to make it obvious. Because I don't have a locker. I never have. And I never will.
"Anabel! Come ON!" You cry, as we walk to class.
I nod, watching your blue eyes light up with delight when someone talks to you. She smiles easily, ignoring the side eyes she gets to approach you.
You speak. "Hey there! This is Anabel, and I'm Carrie!"
The girl frowns, and walks away, whispering something under her breath.
A few days later you find me sitting under a tree. I can feel myself fading a bit. It started yesterday. Is it really that time?
You show me your phone. A picture of you is on the screen. Only you are hugging the air tightly. I'm not there.
There is a question in your gaze as I stand up slowly.
"Carrie." I begin, smiling sadly. "It's time I told you." I lean down. "I'm not real. You made me up. And you don't need me anymore."
I see the hot tears flow. The ones I can't feel. You shake your head. "No. NO! You're real! YOU ARE REAL! Right?! RIGHT?!"
"I'm not." And I let go. I let go of this exsistense, letting myself fade away until another child needs me.
The last thing I see is your miserable expression.
The last thing I feel is regret for not telling you earlier.
The last thing I hear is my name, just a whisper on your lips, begging me to stay.
And then...
And then I'm gone.