Apr 26
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Dark and Silenced Curiosity

The sound was haunting to the crowd, but it was also intriguing. Everyone shivered in their seats with curiosity. The room was black for several seconds, enough to convince the crowd that something went wrong. Everyone started chatting until a booming noise was followed by a stage filled with sudden light. There was practically every color you could imagine on the stage. There was levels upon levels of gliding people, each masked. Each mask had a different color. After the boom noise started to fade, so did the lights. The masked people seemed to move with the lights and noise. Everything seemed to coordinate with each other, that they were all one thing.
 The crowd was still wearing off from their amazement of what just happened. The room was dark once again. The stage and room was pitch black and silent once again. Nobody talked after awhile of nothing happening on the stage like last time, people wanted to know what was going to happen next. They were hooked curious if what happened next would be maybe the same, different or nothing at all. Three minutes passed with darkness and silence and still no one said anything. It was like an infinite cycle of hope and eager.
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