Blurred Lines

She's Scared
Of everything she's not brave enough to face.
And she panics when she think she's about to fall again
Because last time, no one was there to catch her
And she shattered.

Overtime she rebuit
but just as a cut tree never grows back as strong
nor did she
She grew back twisted.
Her eyes shone dimmer, and her smile weaker
All she felt was mistrust
All she knew was caution.

But she hid it well
And vowed she'd never let anyone close enough 
to glimpse the pain coursing through her body 
and feel the way her body shook even when it wasn't cold outside.

She's carefree, they'd say, maybe.
She always has a radiant smile on her face

But look closer
and maybe somewhere, in the depths of her eyes
you'll glimpse the truth.

But as soon as you see it, she'll blink and it'll disappear
the way fall blends to winter so quickly
and abruptly 
without anyone knowing quite what happened.

This girl, 
She's magnificient but unavailable
you'll look at her walk past and wonder 
who she's going to see
And she'll look at you watching her
and smile, 
maybe wave,
and think the same thing she thinks everyday ..

I don't want to hurt anymore

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