Apr 29

Bora Bora

    “A vacation? To anywhere? With anyone?” I side eyed the man standing at my doorstep. I lifted my hand to cover my eyes from the blistering sun. “Yeah right, do I get a million dollars too?” I studied the man's face as he sighed in disappointment. I could see that he had a pamphlet in hand and I tried to look closely at the title. I was quick to grab my glasses out of my pocket, watching the man as I did so. He saw I was trying to read the pamphlet and handed it to me. I read the title and nodded slowly. “A clothing brand?”

    Yes it's dedicated towards trendy vacation clothing. We want to raise popularity with the more fortunate kids. We saw you went to Mexico and thought it would be a great way to spread the word since you have already proven to be a traveler.”

    “Umm you realize I am fifteen right?” I looked at he pamphlet and knew it was a scam, even though I really wanted it not to be.

    “Please miss. I will even have you meet the manager. She is very willing to give you any trip you want, as long as you wear nothing but her designed clothing on the trip.” I rubbed my cheek with my hand, unsure of how to word my next sentence properly.

    “Give me the number so I can have a meeting.” I tried to act calm and collected but I knew if my mom saw me falling for another fake advertisement she would be heavily disappointed. I already almost wasted eight-hundred dollars trying to get a pomeranian that wasn't even real. I dialed my friends number in hopes that she would answer.

    “What?!” The voice filled my eardrums.

    “Hazel, give the phone to Nora.”

    “What do you want?” Nora answered as if I was about to give the most stupid news in the world.

    “Wanna go to Bora Bora?”

    “But we pora pora.” Nora answered thinking that this was one of our usual joke.

    “No like do you actually want to go to Bora Bora. I got an offer from this sketchy looking dude but I think he's serious.”

    “Kenz, you’re an idiot.”

    “ I know.”

    “Im in.”

    “Okay i'll speak to your manager.” Then as he got in his car and drove away I dialed the number and soon a lady who sounded in her twenties answered. She explained her cause and how she reached out to one teenager in every state. Turns out her name was Cara and she was a billionaire who wanted to kick start her company. She asked where I wanted to go so she could send me a catalogue so I could chose sizes and colors of each item. She told me that I could invite one friend because she knows how scary traveling alone could be. She told me that a hotel would be booked for a week and that I could do any activity I wanted on the resort as long as I wore her clothing. I told her it was a fair trade and about three days later I got a catalog in the mail. Nora soon arrived at my house in order to go through the catalogs. When we opened up the catalogs it was filled with vibrant, tropical, stylish clothing. In between the catalogs thin paper there were tickets inscribed in both our names. A week later we were on a plane to Bora Bora. We were ecstatic to be going somewhere tropical, and this was only the beginning.