May 01

I Love

I love staring at a clear night sky for hours
I love to sit on my deck and paint the landscape
I love the smell of freshly cut grass and a campfire
I love to wander the forest by my house and take pictures from weird angles
I love to close my eyes and listen to the birds singing on a hot summer day
I love to read books while lounging in my bright orange bean bag chair
I love singing at the top of my lungs with music blasting from my speakers
I love chasing my dog all around the yard and tackling him
I love eating a chocolate lava cake while watching a movie with my sister
I love feeling the nerves I get right before acting on stage in front of an audience
I love going on a hike and being one with nature
I love fishing with my dad at our favorite lake
I love designing and creating a haunted house for my town
I love the taste of a smoothie any day of the year
I love traveling, seeing different places, and meeting new people
I love feeling the heat of the sun on my bare skin
I love the anxiety that comes with watching my favorite football team on TV
I love when people ask me what I'm passionate about
I love to spontaneously bake cookies in the middle of the week just because I felt like it
I love the smell of candles that fill my house when the power goes out
I love the game nights my family has on holidays
I love running around barefoot in my yard for no other reason than it feels right
I love to simply write poetry