May 02
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the chance of a life time

Over the summer my parents told me I would have more responsibilities, they made me a chore list to do every day. In the morning I have to walk the dog and get the mail. Just like any other day I walked the dog and got the mail. I usually look for anything addressed to me. While looking through the mail I saw a letter addressed to me. I opened the letter and it said “congrats you’ve just won a dream vacation! You pick the place one person and we’ll pay for the rest. When I first read it I was excited, could I really have just won a dream vacation to anywhere? Then I thought about it for a little and realized that the chances of winning a free vacation are very slim. I saw a number that could be called. When I got back inside I called the number, curios if I had really just won a dream vacation. When the operator answered the phone I told them that I got a letter that said I won a dream vacation. The operator said “yes! You just won a free vacation!” Reality set in, I realized that it was really true. I had won a free vacation to anywhere with whomever I chose. I was excited, I was thinking of all the places I could go. I could go to Disney world again! I could go to France, Spain, or Italy! I was going from one place to another, about where I wanted to go and who I would take with me. Then I remembered that my older sister and brother in-law went to Greece and had an amazing time, seeing my relatives and the sights. I decided to go to Greece, and to take my grandmother with me. If I took her with me we could see where our family was from. When the traveling agency emailed me they said we would be leaving in two days. I started packing immediately. Soon my floor was covered in clothes I had no idea what to pack, I called up my older sister who recently traveled to greece and she told me what to pack. It felt like an eternity waiting for the two days to pass, I couldn't stop thinking about what we would do there and what my family was like. When the two days were finally over I could hardly wait to go. We left for the airport at six in the morning to catch a ten o'clock flight. When I was pulling my suitcase down the stairs I saw my dog at the bottom watching me. I was sad that I would have to leave him but I also knew that this was a chance of a lifetime and I couldn't pass it up. After the twenty four hour flight we finally landed in Greece. We were staying at a small hotel in the village outside of where my family lived. When we exited the airport there was a small taxi waiting for us, the taxi had no seatbelts and was probably not road ready. We had to drive a few hours to get to the place where my family lived. When we arrived it was exciting getting to see where my great grandfather was from. I could tell that my grandmother really enjoyed meeting her relatives and that made my happy.  
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