May 03

Ode to The Rain

My footsteps gently patter on the sidewalk
But I do not hear them because I have my headphones on.
I pause for a moment, taking off my headphones and they rest around my neck.
I adjust my glasses and look around.
The sky is a solid, pale grey color
Matching the gloominess of the day.
There is not much to look at
Besides the damp trees and the dew-covered grass
And the occasional car going by.
Raindrops softly land on my hoodie.
It is not raining much, but it is still cold and wet.
I pull my hood up and study my surroundings.
Still not much to see.
Not many people are around.
The gloominess has kept them inside.
It truly seems like a sad day.
Everyone is plagued with that little nag in their chest
The feeling of gloominess even if they’re happy.
It’s one of those days that make you feel like you’ve lost your best friend.
For some, that truly is the case.
I see a few cars drive by.
Each of their windshields are dappled with raindrops.
The faces of the drivers match the weather; dreary.
The rain truly is beautiful, but it brings many people down.
It reminds me of teardrops, like the sky is crying.
Sometimes I want to cry along with it.
But I do not, because there is no point in it.
So I keep walking.
My footsteps gently patter on the sidewalk
And this time I do hear them
Because I do not have my headphones on.
About the Author: spiderwebs
“It’s not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better.” — Tony Stark